An introduction to policy in Scotland.

Published online
23 Jul 2020
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British Ecological Society
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UK & Scotland


The BES Scottish Policy Group is a group of British Ecological Society (BES) members promoting the use of ecological knowledge in Scotland. The aim is to improve communication between BES members and policymakers, increase the impact of ecological research, and support evidence-informed policymaking. They engage with policymaking by making the best scientific evidence accessible to decision-makers based on membership expertise. Policy Guides are a resource for scientists interested in the policymaking process in Scotland and the various avenues through which scientific evidence can be used to inform policy. This first guide provides an introduction to policymaking in Scotland, how policies are developed, and the difference between policy and legislation. Subsequent guides will focus on how scientists can get involved in the policy process at Holyrood and the various opportunities for evidence submission, such as to Scottish Parliament Committees.

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