Using the conservation evidence website.

Published online
26 Nov 2020
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Evidence in Conservation Teaching Initiative
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Educational material

Downey, H.

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This publication deals with Conservation Evidence, a free resource summarising the evidence for conservation interventions. It gathers evidence using subject-wide evidence syntheses; journals are systematically searched issue by issue for papers that directly test conservation interventions and report the results. It groups interventions by species group (such as bats or birds) or habitat (such as forest), in synopses. Papers are then summarised in plain English in a single paragraph, enabling readers to see what was done and what the results were at a glance. All the papers found for an intervention are collected together on one webpage. Experts review these papers and then score the action based on its effectiveness, the certainty of the evidence and any harms to the target species or habitats. This scoring leads to an overall score such as 'Beneficial' or 'Unlikely to be Beneficial'. Ways and steps on how to use the Conservation Evidence, the tasks and novel interventions are presented.

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