Reintroduction modelling: a guide to choosing and combining models for species reintroductions.

Published online
24 Nov 2020
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Hunter-Ayad, J. & Ohlemüller, R. & Recio, M. R. & Seddon, P. J.
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Species reintroductions are high-investment ecological interventions that require careful planning. Predictive models are useful tools for managing reintroductions. We provide an overview of habitat suitability, dispersal, population dynamics and interspecies models, considering potential uses and limitations of established methods for reintroductions. Furthermore, we include a guide for integrating one or more model types to predict reintroduction outcomes and answer specific management questions. Model utility will be maximized by considering the goals of the reintroduction, attributes of the reintroduced species, threats to persistence and the quality of available data. Synthesis and applications. Our synthesis of state-of-the-art ecological models outlines how key ecological models can be applied to reintroductions. Our review can aid practitioners undertaking reintroductions to assess and quantify their data and modelling needs in line with their management goals.

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