Connecting governance interventions to ecosystem services provision networks.

Published online
02 Dec 2020
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Journal article
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People and Nature

Metzger, J. P. & Fidelman, P. & Sattler, C.

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This paper integrates social science research on landscape governance and natural science research on the mechanisms that regulate ecosystem setvices provision into a conceptual framework of ecosystem services landscape governance. The proposed "landscape governance framework" allows the linkage of different types of governance interventions, e.g. creation of protected areas (PA), payments for ecosystem services (PES), and community-based management (CBM), with changes in the landscape structure, and thus in areas of supply, demand and flows within ecosystem service provision networks. The proposed framework can also be used to identify critical links and nodes in the networks, as well as the level of interdependence between the components, to determine the resilience and vulnerability of the whole network. This framework combines knowledge of the social and natural sciences into a unifying and widely applicable framework, which forms a basis for stimulating research in the field of spatial governance of ecosystem services. Its aim is to contribute towards more sustainable landscape management and, as a result, improved human well-being.

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