A call to arms: setting the framework for a code of practice for mosquito management in European wetlands.


Wetlands provide multiple services to human societies. Despite policies dedicated to their protection, current European policies do not address the need to balance mosquito management approaches to mitigate dis-services to human health and well-being while ensuring that wetland conservation goals are met. Herein, we outline criteria for consideration when developing mosquito control programmes in European wetlands that will allow managers and public health authorities to adopt effective and ecologically sound approaches. Synthesis and applications. The proposed code of practice provides practical advice to local authorities and those involved in mosquito control in order to design an integrated mosquito management strategy that aligns with current environmental legislation. Although this code of practice was developed by European experts, it is transferable to other geographical contexts, integrating the expertise and knowledge of local stakeholders and researchers from the fields of medical entomology, human and animal health and ecology.

Key words