National natural capital atlas: mapping indicators.

Published online
29 Apr 2021
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Natural England
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UK & England


This atlas takes an in-depth look at the distribution and condition of valuable natural assets in England. Using a range of indicators it illustrates, through maps and tables, the state of our natural capital and highlights how it provides benefits to people. The project investigated the data sources which were highlighted in the Natural Capital Indicators report, and also identified new sources. Where nationally available data was found, maps and tables display indicators for the quantity, quality and location of ecosystem assets, and the flow of some ecosystem services. As well as a baseline against which to measure change, this Natural Capital Atlas can be used to understand which ecosystem services flow from different ecosystem assets across England. The atlas shows where there are both strengths and weaknesses in the quantity and quality of ecosystems. This can inform opportunity mapping of where to enhance existing natural capital and where to target its creation for the provision of multiple benefits.

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