Conservation research, policy and practice.

Published online
20 May 2021
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British Ecological Society
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Sutherland, W. J. & Brotherton, P. N. M. & Davies, Z. G. & Ockendon, N. & Pettorelli, N. & Vickery, J. A.

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Conservation research is essential for advancing knowledge but to make an impact scientific evidence must influence conservation policies, decision making and practice. This raises a multitude of challenges. How should evidence be collated and presented to policymakers to maximise its impact? How can effective collaboration between conservation scientists and decision-makers be established? How can the resulting messages be communicated to bring about change? Emerging from a successful international symposium organised by the British Ecological Society and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, this is the first book to practically address these questions across a wide range of conservation topics. Well-renowned experts guide readers through global case studies and their own experiences. A must-read for practitioners, researchers, graduate students and policymakers wishing to enhance the prospect of their work 'making a difference'. This title is available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.

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