Floodplain meadow partnership: a working model of effective communication between practitioners, academics and policymakers.

Published online
02 Jul 2021
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Journal article
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Ecological Solutions and Evidence

Rothero, E. & Tatarenko, I. & Jefferson, R. & Skinner, A. & Wallace, H. & Gowing, D. & Clarke, S. & Johnson, M. & Davies, G.
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The article describes a model system for facilitating the transfer of knowledge between researchers and practitioners. The system described has a focus on a single habitat, floodplain meadows, and a case is made for replicating the model for other habitats. Even a single habitat has a wide variety of stakeholders, but a focused partnership with representation across the stakeholder community can prove a useful vehicle for disseminating knowledge and best practice. The structure of the partnership is set out from a steering group to local representatives, and the division of tasks between specialists is explained. The partnership is UK-based and UK-focused, yet has an international dimension. The longevity of the partnership and the intensity of interaction with stakeholders are concluded to be important and suggested as a model for others to follow.

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