A review of the ecology, hydrology and nutrient dynamics of floodplain meadows in England.

Published online
20 Oct 2021
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Natural England
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Gowing, D. J. G. & Tallowin, J. R. B. & Dise, N. B. & Goodyear, J. & Dodd, M. E. & Lodge, R. J.

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UK & England


This report aims to summarize existing knowledge, identify practical management guidelines and highlight deficiencies in understanding the ecology of Alopecurus pratensis - Sanguisorba officinalis (MG4) grassland. MG4 grassland, which is restricted to floodplain habitats, has undergone a severe decline during the last century. The conservation importance of this community is now recognized at a European level. Remaining stands of MG4 grassland are known to be sensitive to both site hydrology and nutrient availability and are therefore dependent on appropriate river management, both in terms of water quantity and water quality. This report is based on a review of relevant literature and the results of a questionnaire survey of conservation officers responsible for floodplain meadow sites.

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