Pixton Park and woods lichen survey, 1987.

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12 Aug 2022
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Natural England
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Wolesley, P. A. & O'Dale, A. M.

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Although the whole Pixton promontory supports 125 epiphytic lichen species, including many that are associated with ancient woodlands, the latter are sparsely distributed and of a relic nature except in the Park and Park Wood EWS compartments 2 and 4. In these areas we have the combination of ancient trees in a wood pasture situation together with damp valleys and a diversity of epiphytic habitats that are maintained by the present management routine. In this situation introduced free species are sometimes also hosts for ancient woodland lichen species as Lobaria pulmonaria on plane trees and on beech trees. This combination of trees and habitats gives Pixton a great diversity of lichen flora, with 34 species associated with ancient woodlands.

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