West Penwith ecohydrological investigation and characterisation: phase 3 2020-21.

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18 Aug 2022
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Natural England
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Miles, E. & Gasca, D. & Hardisty, L. & Todd, R.
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England & UK


The aim of this report is to (1) identify areas of land that significantly influence the hydrology of the 11 mires in West Penwith, Cornwall identified for SSSI designated by Natural England; and (2) to identify risks in these areas of land that may impact the quality of the mire habitats. This report summarises a desk-based study to provide the information required for each mire. This incorporates geospatial analysis and results from field surveys where available. Field investigations will be carried out in the future for the mires where no field data was available and incorporated into this report. The report describes the approach taken below and presents a compendium of EvidenceBooks, one for each mire, detailing the catchment statistics, main site features including a conceptual model of mire functioning and a catchment risk assessment.

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