West Penwith habitat surveys: Carn Galver (part) (survey area 32 (part) - 2021).

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19 Aug 2022
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Natural England
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South West England & UK


This report presents a survey conducted at Carn Galver (part) / Site 32 (part) in Cornwall. The survey site supports an area of lowland heath vegetation with marginal areas of purple moor-grass / bracken vegetation. No rare, scarce or threatened species were noted during the survey. The heathland on the site is part of the priority Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) habitat of lowland dry heath and was assessed against the condition assessment for this habitat based upon a visual assessment of the whole-stand, rather than using a number of randomly selected stops. Based on the assessment, the lowland heathland is therefore considered to be in unfavourable condition, with the likely trend to be no change given the structural stability of heathland vegetation observed elsewhere on Penwith Moors.

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