Penwith Moors Ecohydrological catchment land-cover survey.

Published online
19 Aug 2022
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Natural England
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Gilroy, A. & Beard, M.

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England & UK


This report presents a land-cover survey conducted in eleven mire catchments within Penwith Moors. The objectives of the land-cover survey are to record the current (2021) land-cover in order to: (1) help inform the land management-based risk assessment undertaken as part of the ecohydrological assessment by providing a field-verified and up-to-date record; (2) help inform future management decisions and advice within each catchment; (3) to identify if there are any remaining parcels of land which support a habitat feature which might qualify per se under the SSSI selection guidelines; (4) demonstrate that all significant parts of the catchments not previously subject to vegetation survey (NVC) had been visited by Natural England staff.

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