NatureScot Research Report 1271 - Case studies in Large Scale Nature Restoration and Rewilding.


The research explores barriers and opportunities to large-scale nature restoration projects (LSNR) and rewilding through case studies. Within the literature a range of terminology is used to describe nature restoration at the landscape scale, however the projects included in the study include a broad spectrum of approaches and project scales, which may not be all recognised as 'rewilding'. The approach involved the evaluation of 25 case studies, 10 of which were explored in greater detail and were informed by one-to-one interviews. The research included analysis of how LSNR / rewilding can be financed using a variety of different financing mechanisms. The research also sought to identify the potential socio-economic impacts of projects, however it needs to be noted that the evidence base is incomplete, and the data is mostly qualitative.

Key words