Preparing the Evidence Base for Post-Brexit agriculture in Scotland - case studies on alternative payments.

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10 Oct 2022
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Lampkin, N. & Shrestha, S. & Sellars, A. & Baldock, D. & Smith, J. & Mullender, S. & Keenleyside, C. & Pearce, B. & Watson, C.

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Scotland & UK


This study aims to contribute to preparing the evidence for post-Brexit agricultural and environmental support in this context. The results are intended to provide a basis for discussion and an illustration of how various proposals for supporting agriculture and the environment after exiting the EU could be applied. The objectives of this study are to: illustrate how the concept of public money for public goods could be realised across a range of farm types in Scotland; using case studies, make a comparison of current agricultural support with alternative proposals for rewarding farmers for the delivery of environmental public goods; assess the impact on farm income of the various proposals compared with current pillar 1 and pillar 2 payments on the selected farms; and discuss the feasibility, potential risks, and advantages of the various proposals, based on expert opinion.

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