NatureScot Research Report 1284 - Facilitating Local Natural Capital Investment - Scottish Borders Area Characterisation.

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09 Sep 2022
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Dickie, I. & Royle, D.

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Scotland & UK


The objective of this characterisation report is to develop an overall understanding of state of natural capital in the Scottish Borders and identify key opportunities and priorities for investment in the region. The main findings are as follows. The Scottish Borders is geographically characterised by the catchment of the River Tweed, with its many tributaries extending into almost every corner of the Borders. The main land use is agriculture and forestry, with major land cover proportions in arable land, grazing land, woodlands with conifer plantations and broadleaf/mixed mixed woodland, and heath/moor and bog. The main opportunities for investment in natural capital include woodland creation, peatland restoration, habitat creation and biodiversity improvement, natural flood risk management opportunities, recreation and tourism, farmland management, and water quality.

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