Included outside: Evidence synthesis for engaging under-represented groups in nature: Summary Report.

Published online
28 Sep 2022
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Natural England
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Rishbeth, C. & Neal, S. & French, M. & Snaith, B.

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England & UK


Natural England commissioned this series of evidence briefings called 'Included Outside' to bring together existing evidence on barriers to engagement with nature, and lessons from interventions to overcome them for particular under-represented groups. Each briefing focuses on a different 'group' that is under-represented in nature and the outdoors: older people, people from ethnic minority backgrounds, people living with disabilities and people living in low-income areas. The briefings give an overview of the barriers and enablers for engaging in nature for each group. The present summary report looks at the similarities and differences between the barriers and enablers for each group, and explores issues of 'intersectionality' (the ways in which social identities and related inequalities are connected and cross-cutting). It also describes the methodology used for reviewing the evidence sources and highlights key learning for the development and evaluation of inclusive nature engagement.

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