Penwith Moors Farmscoper Modelling Report.

Published online
23 Oct 2022
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Natural England
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Gooday, R.

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The objective of this project was to predict which farming activities would achieve pollution concentrations at or below threshold annual concentrations of 1 mg l-1 NO3-N and 2 mg l-1 NO3-N. The key tasks within the project were: (1) agree the farm management scenarios to be investigated, taking account of the range of current/possible future farm types in the catchments and the relatively low concentration threshold which will preclude some intensive farm systems; (2) use the Farmscoper model to predict the nitrate concentrations for these farm management scenarios; and (3) report on the farm management scenarios and predicted concentrations, and document the modelling methodology undertaken, so that the specific results or the general approach could be replicated if required.

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