Towards more effective identification keys: a study of people identifying plant species characters.

Published online
04 Jan 2023
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Journal article
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People and Nature

Wäldchen, J. & Wittich, H. C. & Rzanny, M. & Fritz, A. & Mäder, P.
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Accurate species identification is essential for ecological monitoring and biodiversity conservation. Interactive plant identification keys have been considerably improved in recent years, mainly by providing iconic symbols, illustrations, or images for the users, as these keys are also commonly used by people with relatively little plant knowledge. Only a few studies have investigated how well morphological characteristics can be recognized and correctly identified by people, which is ultimately the basis of an identification key's success. This study consists of a systematic evaluation of people's abilities in identifying plant-specific morphological characters. We conducted an online survey where 484 participants were asked to identify 25 different plant character states on six images showing a plant from different perspectives. We found that survey participants correctly identified 79% of the plant characters, with botanical novices with little or no previous experience in plant identification performing slightly worse than experienced botanists. We also found that flower characters are more often correctly identified than leaf characteristics and that characters with more states resulted in higher identification errors. Additionally, the longer the time a participant needed for answering, the higher the probability of a wrong answer. Understanding what influences users' plant character identification abilities can improve the development of interactive identification keys, for example, by designing keys that adapt to novices as well as experts. Furthermore, our study can act as a blueprint for the empirical evaluation of identifications keys.

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