A Proposal for Terrestrial Environmental Monitoring of Plant Protection Products (PPP).

Published online
30 Aug 2023
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Natural England
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Walker & Shore, R. F. & Chaplow, J. S. & Barnett, E. A. & Spurgeon, D.

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This document outlines a study conducted in the UK to address the need for post-authorization monitoring of plant protection products (PPPs) and their impacts on terrestrial wildlife. Collaboratively undertaken by Natural England, Defra and HSE's Chemical Regulation Division, the study aimed to develop an approach encompassing several key objectives: conducting a literature review of existing PPP terrestrial monitoring schemes; selecting potential monitoring activities based on insights from the literature review and other sources; creating a proposed monitoring scheme through workshops involving technical specialists; engaging stakeholders to gather feedback; evaluating potential costs; and compiling a final report detailing the proposed monitoring scheme's structure, activities, stakeholder engagement, scientific rationale, and challenges tied to implementation. The study underscores the importance of enhancing monitoring practices and facilitating two-way reporting to stakeholders.

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