Biodiversity targets and whole biodiversity assemblage monitoring for SSSI: Exploring the potential for 'Regional Biodiversity Targets' and 'Whole biodiversity assemblage monitoring for Sites of Special Scientific Interest' in England.

Published online
19 Oct 2023
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Natural England
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Galbraith, C. & Stroud, D.
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England & UK


This short report describes the development of an approach to create regional biodiversity targets and how to develop monitoring of the whole biodiversity assemblage in protected areas to support the Natural England SSSI Future Reforms project in the UK. It includes species and habitat selection, biodiversity monitoring, a review of the key interest features held in protected areas across pilot areas, the scale of assessment for delivery at the regional scale, risk-based approaches and predictive models for a range of priority species and habitats and key areas for future protected areas and for focussed management effort.

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