Producing Favourable Conservation Status Strategies: Natural England's guidance.

Published online
08 Nov 2023
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Natural England
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Mason, T. H. E.

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England & UK


This document provides the essential background information necessary to comprehend and formulate strategies for achieving Favourable Conservation Status (FCS) in England. FCS strategies outline Natural England's vision for attaining FCS for species and habitats in England, with minimum thresholds established through the Defining FCS project. FCS represents a scenario where a habitat or species is thriving across its natural range and is expected to continue doing so in the future. Three types of strategies are employed: species-based, habitat-based, and place-based. Place-based strategies combine multiple definitions for a particular location to contribute to national FCS. These strategies serve as guiding principles for conservation practitioners, primarily Natural England Area Teams, to support nature recovery efforts.

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