Amberley Wild Brooks SSSI: Climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning report.

Published online
09 Nov 2023
Published by
Natural England
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Parrish, B. & Dijk, N. van & Hands, S. & Despinasse, A. & Armstrong, K.

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England & UK


This report outlines the SSSI Future Reforms (SSSIFR) project undertaken by Natural England, aiming to investigate whether the current statutory framework for SSSIs supports adaptation to climate change, or if an evolution of the legal framework is necessary to better protect habitats, species, and geological features during a period of rapid change. The project aims to establish an evidence base regarding the potential effects of climate change on a specific SSSI, namely the Amberley Wild Brooks SSSI, and to identify potential options for adaptive management. The project's outcomes will serve as the foundation for future discussions with stakeholders concerning long-term management objectives for the site and the development of adaptive management plans. The insights gained from this project will guide Natural England's SSSIFR project, assessing whether the statutory framework has the necessary flexibility for site managers to adjust to changes, and identifying any obstacles. The approach developed for this pilot project could potentially be applied to additional case studies in the future.

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