Greenspace & Us Part 2: a community insights co-production project with teenage girls to understand their needs for more inclusive and accessible greenspace.

Published online
09 Nov 2023
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Natural England
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Cole, S. & Goodenough, J. & Hussain, N. & Isa-Daniel, T. & Khan, A. & Montgomery, L. & Walker, S.

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England & UK


The Greenspace & Us project aimed to understand the factors influencing recreation and access to greenspace for teenage girls in East Oxford and to discover what facilities and design changes would make greenspaces more attractive for them. This final project report presents an assessment of the impact of the initial Greenspace & Us project (Greenspace & Us Part 1) and the shelter designed by the young women, for young women. The report also explores further engagement with the same cohort of young women to discover more information through co-design participatory and creative methodologies. These specifically explore teenage girls use and need for greenspace, including the barriers to accessing nature, what facilities and infrastructure would encourage teenage girls to feel comfortable engaging, accessing, and recreating in greenspace more often. The report also outlines recommendations for how more inclusive access to greenspaces could be achieved, as well as a model for developing a methodology to engage with young women and girls for future initiatives.

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