Great Sundew and Oblong-leaved Sundew Survey, Propagation and Reintroduction Methods.

Published online
29 Jan 2024
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University of Cumbria (BOOM)
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Marples, H.

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The Back on Our Map (BOOM) project has successfully propagated and reintroduced great sundews (Drosera anglica) and oblong-leaved sundews (Drosera intermedia) to Meathop and Foulshaw Mosses in south Cumbria, UK. A total of 206 sundews, comprising 88 great sundews and 118 oblong-leaved sundews, have been reintroduced. The project engaged over 200 individuals through educational initiatives, including online talks, guided walks and hands-on involvement in propagation and planting. The oblong-leaved sundews at Meathop Moss exhibited a promising first year of growth, with 82.4% surviving and a significant portion producing flowers. Future efforts will be sustained through the "Bog in a Box" initiative with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, involving educational outreach in local schools and continued restoration efforts. Challenges remain, particularly in optimizing the reintroduction of great sundews and ensuring high survival rates. Ongoing monitoring of donor and reintroduction sites will be crucial for assessing the long-term success of this reintroduction effort.

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