Forming a Young Advisory Group for Natural England's Children's People and Nature Survey (C'PaNS).

Published online
01 Apr 2024
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Natural England
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Satchwell, C. & Dodding, J. & Morocza, N. & Sharpe, D.

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England & UK


The Children's People and Nature Survey (CPaNS) is a social survey that collects information from children and young people (CYP) aged 8-15 years on their feelings, beliefs and behaviours relating to the natural environment. Data is collected twice a year (once during school summer holidays and once during term time) and published as Official Statistics. This report discusses the formation and implementation of Natural England's (NE) first Young Advisory Group (YAG) for C-PaNS. The group was set up to work with CYP to improve the survey and improve NE's understanding of how they view the environment. Facilitated by researchers at the University of Central Lancashire and the University of East London, the group comprised of 24 CYP from North-West England and London representing diverse ethnicities and sociocultural backgrounds. Over three-months each subgroup met for a series of workshops, both in-person and online. During workshops the YAG scrutinised and provided feedback on C-PaNS survey design, analysis, and how findings are reported. Additional insights into CYP's gaps in knowledge, environmental concerns, environmental interests, perceptions of outdoor spaces and recommendations about how young people's voices can inform future work also emerged during discussions. This project highlights the value of working directly with CYP. The YAG provided unique insights and have improved the validity of the survey. Additionally, the project empowered young people to think about their own relationship with the natural environment and outdoor spaces, as well as engage in discussions and actions that benefit nature.

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