COP26 Peatland Collection

Our curated collection of peatland and restoration resources for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, virtual Peatlands Pavilion.

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Applied Ecology Resources (AER) is a novel, globally accessible open platform. We make sharing and discovering information on the management of biodiversity and the environment easier for everyone in the ecological community – whether you work in research, policy or practice. At the heart of AER is our peer-reviewed open access journal Ecological Solutions and Evidence (ESE) which publishes articles that promote open science and provide a platform for practitioners to communicate their knowledge from experience to a wider ecological audience.

Explore our curated collection of reports, original research, blog posts and more below:


AER knowledge base

All content on AER is freely accessible and we have been continuously growing our knowledge base since we launched in April 2021. Explore our platform using our custom search tool to discover knowledge shared by NGOs, government agencies, researchers and other practical ecologists from across the globe, including:


Nature-based solutions


“Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change in the UK” is the British Ecological Society’s landmark report offering a complete and authoritative assessment of the potential of protecting or enhancing nature in a way that helps tackle climate change and other challenges, while benefitting biodiversity and improving human wellbeing.

Read the report below or download the full report on AER.


Some of the contributors and authors of the report led a 1-hour AER Live special on implementing NbS in October 2021. You can watch the recorded workshop here.

Research collection

Our cross-journal special feature: “Nature-based solutions for a changing world” with Journal of Applied Ecology and People and Nature brings together the latest insights research to further our understanding of NbS across the globe.


Practice Insights

This unique article type in Ecological Solutions and Evidence allows those involved in hands-on management of biological resources, or the policies that affect them, to communicate key findings and observations from practical experience; whether they are lessons learned or calls for new approaches. Regardless of the specific study region or habitat, the insights shared are often widely applicable and adaptable to the general practice, such as ecological restoration or stakeholder engagement.

Read all Practice Insights articles to date including:

Research collection

You can also discover some of these articles in our ongoing cross-journal, cross-society special feature: “UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration” which brings together the latest insights and research that explore current practices and areas of potential growth in the field of ecosystem restoration across different habitats and communities.


Road to COP26

We have collated papers recently published in British Ecological Society journals that highlight how climate change is affecting global ecology: from oceans to lakes and from poles to the tropics. As world leaders gather in Glasgow, UK for the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, view our full collection below.

You can also read the BES Scottish Policy’s “Guide to COP26” – a brilliant handbook equipping readers with key summaries of past international legislation and how climate science interacts with international policy. The guide can also be found archived in Applied Ecology Resources.


Blog series

As part of our ‘Road to COP26’ blog series, Editors and authors from across the BES journals share their research at the interface of climate and ecology and their hopes for COP26. Find out more and discover some of the other activities across the BES in the lead up to the Conference.


The Applied Ecologist

The Applied Ecologist, our joint blog with Journal of Applied Ecology, is a dynamic source of research summaries and topical insights that aim to highlight the latest developments in applied ecological research, policy and practice. The blog welcomes practitioners and policy makers to get in touch with any ideas or share their experiences on implementing research on the ground. We have highlighted some relevant posts below but you can search keywords through the blog (e.g. peatland, restoration) to discover more: