Koustubh Sharma

Image of Koustubh Sharma
AER Advisory BoardSnow Leopard Trust, Kyrgyzstan

Koustubh Sharma has been involved in active research and conservation for 20 years. He started working with the Snow Leopard Trust, Seattle, USA as a Senior Regional Ecologist in 2007 and took up the role of Assistant Director of Conservation Policy and Partnerships in Kyrgyzstan in 2021. Koustubh has also taken additional charge as the International Coordinator of the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystems Protection Program (GSLEP) whose secretariat is based in Bishkek. At the GSLEP Program, Koustubh leads a small team with support from international organizations to coordinate this unique alliance that brings together governments of the 12 snow leopard range countries, Non-Government Organizations and Conservationists.