An analysis of competition between plants of Trifolîum repens L. populations collected from contrasting soils.

Published online
08 Jan 1972
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Snaydon, R. W.

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2 populations of white clover from acid soil and 2 from calcareous soil were grown in partitioned containers of soil, pH 4.6 and 8.2, to give all combinations of root and shoot competition. Effects of root competition were generally the greater. Populations from calcareous soil had larger leaves, longer petioles and greater shoot competitive ability than those from acid soil, particularly when acid soil was used. Populations from acid soil had greater root competitive abilities on acid soil, but populations from calcareous soil had the advantage on calcareous soil. There was evidence of competition for P on both soils. Competitive ability in full competition, but not in part competition, was correlated with yield in pure stands. RB.

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