Importance of restoration of dung beetles in the maintenance of ecosystem services.

Published online
22 Apr 2024
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Journal article
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Ecological Solutions and Evidence

Torabian, S. & Leffler, A. J. & Perkins, L.
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Dung beetles have key roles in ecosystems including accelerating dung decomposition, improving nutrient cycling and influencing physical (such as structure) and chemical (such as pH and available nutrients) soil properties. Without dung beetles, dung decomposition slows, nutrient cycling is impaired, and water infiltration decreases. Dung beetles face various threats, including climate change, anthropogenic chemicals and habitat degradation. However, there is limited information on the restoration of dung beetles in areas where they have been lost. The restoration framework utilized in this review considers three primary facets: environmental conditions, which encompass crucial abiotic features; biotic characteristics, which involve all other species; and focal species, which denote all native functional groups of species that require reintroduction or re-establishment. This review aims to examine the ecosystem services provided by dung beetles, highlight the threats they face and conceptualize a restoration framework for these crucial organisms.

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