Farm performance during the transition to organic production: analysis and planning tools based on Minnesota farm record data.

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16 Dec 2015
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Delbridge, T. A. & King, R. P. & Nordquist, D. W. & DiGiacomo, G. & Moynihan, M.
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USA & Minnesota


This publication summarizes enterprise costs and returns and whole-farm financial performance measures collected from transitioning and recently certified organic farms in Minnesota that were enrolled in the Farm Business Management (FBM) program offered through the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system. It includes data for crop and dairy enterprises on participating farms under conventional, transitional, and certified organic management. It also includes whole farm financial performance data for participating farms prior to the start of transition, during transition, and after certification. The publication shows how these data can be used to plan for the transition to organic production.

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