Pixton Park Ancient and Veteran Tree Assessment 2015.

Published online
09 Aug 2022
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Natural England
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Smith, J.

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UK & England


This report presents the results of a study conducted by Natural England to survey Pixton Park, Dulverton, Somerset to assess the veteran tree resource. Trees of beech, oak, sweet chestnut, turkey oak, lime, ash, birch, sycamore, plane, red oak, hawthorn, copper beech, elm, field maple, holm oak, horse chestnut, lucombe oak, and walnut were recorded. The correspondence of the locations of many old trees mapped in this survey with early Ordnance Survey mapping shows a good representation of the trees of the Park in the early to mid 19th century. Recognition of their importance and sensitive management could benefit these habitats and associated species and enhance their current status.

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