Pixton Park saprotrophic fungi assessment 2019.

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22 Aug 2022
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Natural England
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McLay, A.
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England & UK


This survey was commissioned by Tim Wilkins (Natural England, Senior Specialist, Fungi) to assess the saprotrophic fungi assemblage of Pixton Park in North Devon. More specifically the survey was targeted to investigate the oak deadwood fungal assemblage for which an updated criterion had been included within the revised guidelines for SSSI notifications. The survey showed that the majority of fungal taxa recorded were lignicolous species, growing on decaying or live timber. Oak and beech account for the greater number of specimen trees but there also some striking examples of ash, sweet chestnut and wild cherry within the Park. The results of this survey were therefore inconclusive but the quality of the parkland and its potential for further significant finds was apparent. The Park contains a fine collection of veteran trees with an abundant associated supply of standing and fallen decaying wood habitat.

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