NatureScot research report 1286 - seagrass restoration in Scotland - handbook and guidance.


This handbook has been developed by NatureScot in collaboration with Scottish Government (Marine Scotland) and Project Seagrass to inform and guide potential seagrass restoration projects in Scotland and to ensure all appropriate policy, licensing and monitoring aspects have been considered. The handbook highlights how seagrass restoration proposals should outline the potential risks and benefits of the project and clearly state the aims, objectives and timescales, including how success of the project will be measured. The handbook also provides background on policy, legislation and licensing considerations within Scotland and the roles that NatureScot and Marine Scotland can play in supporting projects with appropriate advice on a case-by-case basis. This handbook highlights many of the knowledge gaps in the understanding of seagrass restoration, however, there are broad guiding principles to that have emerged from existing work globally. The guidance provided here therefore focuses around guiding practitioners to follow such guiding principles in order to shape projects appropriate to the local environmental, biological and social setting.

Key words