The influence of recreational activity on upland ecosystems in the UK: a review of evidence.

Published online
13 Feb 2024
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Natural England
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Gilchrist, A. & Glentworth, J. & Radzuan, H. S. M. & Clay, G.

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UK & England


The purpose of this systematic review was to assess the available evidence on the types of recreation occurring in the English uplands, the receptors and stressors affecting the levels of impact, and identify potential mitigation and adaptation options. The evidence compiled within this review was based on academic studies undertaken within the UK, published since 2000, alongside a practitioner call for evidence. The approach taken asked six questions relating to recreational use of upland ecosystems and examined the evidence in relation to each. The finding will be of importance to those charged with protecting upland ecosystems as well as those looking to use uplands for recreational activity.

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