Co-designed research

‘Creating and navigating successful co-designed research opportunities’

Thursday 18 November 2021
15:00 UK time / 10:00 Eastern time


Professor Marc Cadotte, University of Toronto


Professor Carolyn Kurle, University of California San Diego 

Dr Jeffrey Seminoff, NOAA – Southwest Fisheries Science Center

About the workshop

“Co-designed” projects are planned and executed in cooperation between conservation/management practitioners and academic researchers to achieve real-world impact. But at what point in the research process should co-design begin?  What does good co-design look like? In this workshop, ESE Lead Editor Carolyn Kurle and Jeffrey Seminoff will share their experiences to facilitate and encourage best practices for successful co-designed science and outcomes.

About the speaker

Carolyn Kurle is a Professor at UC San Diego having joined the university in 2010. She prefers to work in marine systems but is open to most foraging ecology research that informs community ecology and population trajectories, and has a strong conservation application. Her lab currently has projects studying the effects of natural and human-induced warm water events on the food availability and population trajectories of California sea lions, the potential for dietary shifts undergone by killer whales in the North Pacific over the last 100 years, the foraging ecology of endangered hawksbill turtles in Baja California Sur, Mexico, changes in oceanographic and foraging patterns experienced by northern fur seals in Alaska since the 1940’s, plus many others.

Jeffrey Seminoff is a marine ecologist and leader of the Marine Turtle Ecology and Assessment program at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center in San Diego, California.

Watch Carolyn and Jeffrey’s talk here


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