Experiments in conservation

‘Designing experiments to improve conservation practice’

Wednesday 11 November 2020
14:00 UK time / 09:00 Eastern time


Professor Marc CadotteUniversity of Toronto


Dr Nancy Ockendon, Endangered Landscapes Programme, University of Cambridge

About the workshop

In this workshop, Dr Nancy Ockendon identifies some of the barriers to carrying out experiments in conservation and provides advice on how best to plan and design these experiments to produce robust evidence-based conservation action

About the speaker

Nancy Ockendon is the Science Coordinator on the Endangered Landscapes Programme at Cambridge University. Her role is to support the projects funded by the ELP to make effective use of science, from using evidence when deciding what restoration actions to implement, to creating well-designed monitoring programmes that collect useful data, and testing interventions to generate new scientific evidence. Nancy is also involved in fostering new collaborations and research within and across the Conservation Research Institute partners, with the aim of increasing our understanding and ability to effectively restore species, habitats and landscapes.

Watch Nancy’s talk here

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