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‘Why and how to set up a successful ecoacoustics study’

Thursday 19 October 2023
13:00 UK time / 08:00 Eastern time


Paul Howden-Leach, Wildlife Acoustics


Dr Oliver Metcalf, Baker Consultants

About the workshop

The popularity of ecoacoustics as an innovative environmental discipline has enjoyed immense growth within the last five years, to a point where it is now becoming difficult to keep up with all the new research papers published. What soon becomes apparent, however, is a lack of consensus on which recording and analysis protocols to follow; partly a result of the differing requirements of each research project, but also an historical artefact of the tropical origins of much of this research.

In this workshop, ecological consultant Dr Oliver Metcalf shares the results of Baker Consultants’ latest collaborative project that created guidelines for approaching ecoacoustic research, and share how these guidelines can be practically followed for successful project outcomes.

Baker Consultants is an AER Member and have made their guidelines freely available on AER: Good practice guidelines for long-term ecoacoustic monitoring in the UK

About the chair

Paul Howden-Leach is the UK Business Development Consultant at Wildlife Acoustics as well as an ecological consultant, having started in 2000 and set up his own consultancy, Skyline Ecology, in 2013. The majority of Paul’s consultancy work relates to bats but he also trains people in recording and analysing data for lots of other wildlife. He has grown an interest in ecoacoustics in general, and how to create and produce soundscape recordings for both scientific and artistic purposes.

About the speaker

Dr Oliver Metcalf is Senior Ecologist at Baker Consultants Ltd who has been involved in developing new techniques for ecoacoustic methods that assess biodiversity in a range of settings. He also has extensive experience in academia as well as working as an ornithologist and freelance consultant.

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