Community engagement

‘Working people while working on wolves – managing conflicts towards coexistence’

Friday 21 July 2023
12:00 UK time / 07:00 Eastern time


Dário Hipólito, University of Aveiro

About the workshop

Over the last few years, wolves have gone from being linked to ecosystem recovery to being linked with human-wildlife conflicts; these disparities in perception wouldn’t occur if conservation focused on coexistence and co-adaptation. To work towards coexistence, it’s important to understand the local communities and learn how to deal with their needs and concerns which requires persistence, adaptation and continuous communication. The objective of this workshop is to provide tools that can be used to work with local communities and improve projects success.

About the speaker

Dário Hipólito is currently a PhD student at Centre of Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) and Department of Biology at University of Aveiro, Portugal, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University of Zagreb, Croatia, working on wolf in range-limit distribution areas and the role of coexistence. His research focuses primarily on wolf ecology and coexistence, and during the last 8 years he has been conducting wolf monitoring in central Portugal and Croatia. Before this, Dário had received his MSc in Conservation Biology at University of Lisbon, studying the impact of agroforestry activities on badger ecology, and spent time at University of Zagreb working on brown bear damage patterns in Croatia.

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