Data to decisions

‘Data to decisions: integrating scientific evidence into conservation decision-making’

Tuesday 15 September 2020
14:00 UK time / 10:00 Eastern time


Professor Marc Cadotte, University of Toronto


Dr Harriet Downey, Conservation Science Group, University of Cambridge

About the workshop

In this workshop, Dr Harriet Downey of University of Cambridge explains how we can turn data into decisions by integrating scientific evidence into conservation decision-making.

About the speaker

Harriet Downey is a Research Associate with the Conservation Science Group at the University of Cambridge, UK. She is interested in understanding how people carry out conservation practice and how science can support it. Working with the Conservation Evidence project she leads on the Evidence Champions partnership programme that provides training, tools, and guidance to make the use of research in practice easier. Her previous work has focused on the biodiversity of plant and insect communities and how natural enemies affect forest regeneration and diversity. She is passionate about open access, removing barriers and creating links between practitioner and academic communities.

Watch Harriet’s talk here

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