Conservation languages

‘Why language matters in conservation and what you can do’

Thursday 18 February 2021
09:00 UK time / 19:00 Australian Eastern time


Dr Helen Murphy, CSIRO


Dr Tatsuya Amano, University of Queensland

About the workshop

Language barriers in science – difficulties faced when conducting and communicating science in situations involving multiple languages – have attracted little attention in conservation. However, increasingly, it has become apparent that overcoming language barriers is key to understanding the biodiversity crisis and successfully delivering conservation outcomes. In this workshop we will discuss why it is important to address language barriers in conservation and how we can start tackling this issue today.

About the speaker

Tatsuya Amano is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow based at the University of Queensland. Tatsuya is committed to producing and transferring evidence for effective biodiversity conservation. His research interests include: understanding gaps in our knowledge for conservation, overcoming information gaps with modelling approaches, and bridging the research-implementation gap. His translatE project applies scientific approaches to understanding the consequences of language barriers in science and devising solutions, with the aim of maximising scientific contribution to global biodiversity conservation.

Watch Tatsuya’s talk here

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