Members’ Books

Showcasing popular science books authored by our members, grounded in ecological research and written for a general audience.


Lindsay Turnbull
David Fickling Books (2023)

Ocean: Secrets of the deep
Sabrina Weiss & Giulia De Amicis
What on Earth Publishing (2019)

Inheritors of the Earth: How nature is thriving in the age of extinction
Chris Thomas
Penguin (2017)

Earth Matters: How soil underlies civilization
Richard Bardgett
Oxford University Press (2016)

The Good Virus
Tom Ireland
Hodder (2023)

Book cover of Darwin's Most Wonderful Plants by Ken Thompson

Darwin’s Most Wonderful Plants
Ken Thompson
Profile (2018)

Does it Fart?
Dani Rabaiotti & Nick Caruso
Quercus (2017)

The Sceptical Gardener
Ken Thompson
Icon Books (2015)

Tickets for the Ark
Rebecca Nesbit
Profile Books (2022)

True or Poo?
Dani Rabaiotti & Nick Caruso
Quercus (2018)

Is that a Fish in your Tomato? The fact and fiction of GM foods
Rebecca Nesbit
Ockham (2017)

Where do Camels Belong? The story and science of invasive species
Ken Thompson
Profile (2014)


Aspiring writer?

We’re interested in books that are grounded in ecological research and written for a general audience. If you have an idea for a book that fits these broad criteria, email Kate.

We can help you develop your idea by putting you in touch with other ecologists, writers, agents and publishers. No previous publishing experience is necessary. We especially want to help authors traditionally overlooked by the industry so if you don’t see yourself reflected when browsing for books, please get in touch.

Book Reviews

A selection of non-fiction and fiction titles reviewed in our membership magazine.