Marsh Award for Climate Change Research

Awarded for an outstanding contribution to climate change research.

The Marsh Award for Climate Change Research is supported by the Marsh Christian Trust and administered by the British Ecological Society. The Award is an honorarium of £1,000 and is open to ecologists from anywhere in the world.

The Nominations Committee will consider the following criteria when considering nominations:

  • An outstanding body of research which is making a significant and demonstrable impact on the understanding of how climate change influences ecological systems or processes;
  • An excellent publications record in the climate change and ecological research literature;
  • Invitations to speak at international conferences;
  • Service on national and international committees/advisory boards related to climate change.

The nomination process for this award is closed for 2018. The next round of award nominations will open in early 2019.

Past winners include:
(A-Z by surname)

Bridget Emmett – 2016
John Grace – 2009
Yadvinder Malhi – 2016
Stephen Long – 2012
Camille Parmesan – 2015
Richard Pearson – 2017
Josep Peñuelas – 2018
Johan Rockström – 2013
Peter Smith – 2014
Chris Thomas – 2011
Ian Woodward – 2010