The Most Important Animal of All

The BES is proud to support the publication of children’s book, The Most Important Animal of All, by Penny Worms and Hannah Bailey.

In July 2008, after a debate by scientists at the Royal Geographical Society, the Earthwatch Institute declared bees as the most important living beings on the planet.

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, a teacher challenges her class to come to their own conclusions about the most important animal of all. Seven children champion an animal for the top spot. Is it…

• bees – master pollinators, vital for plant reproduction and food for all
• beavers – ecosystem engineers that shape their wetland habitats
• bats – pollinators and seed dispersers that keep insect populations in check
• elephants – ecosystem engineers, who knew their poo could be so useful
• krill – a foundation species, bottom of the food chain and vital for marine species
• sharks and tigers – apex predators that regulate the food chain?

This books encourages inquiry, discussion, and critical thinking. By learning why these animals are important, children should gain an understanding of ecosystems. A positive and gentle primer to the larger issues of habitat loss, endangered species, and climate change.

Captivating and informative. This book is a wonderful celebration of nature and the inspiring and diverse contributions that species make to the world we live in. Professor Helen Roy, UK CEH

BES members can get 10% off the hardback when buying from independent bookshop Woodbridge Emporium in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Use the code BES10 at checkout. Fifty pence from all sales will also go towards Ecology – The Next Generation, which helps underrepresented young people kickstart their career in ecology. Classroom and teacher notes will be available for free on publication.

The Most Important Animal of All
Penny Worms (author)
Hannah Bailey (illustrator)
Mama Makes Books
ISBN 978-1-8381381-3-4
For ages 5 to 8 years
Publishing 29 July 2021

Pre-order your copy with 10% off using code BES10 here.