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Funding opportunities outside of the British Ecological Society

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Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP)
The world’s biggest conservation and sustainable development challenges demand innovative solutions. The Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP) believes successful solutions require more than a single organization or sector acting alone. SNAPP’s latest Request for Proposals aims to find new cross-sector and interdisciplinary teams willing to do science differently for lasting impact.

European Research Council
Aims to support single research leaders (‘Principal Investigators’) heading a research team to conduct a frontier research project on the condition that he/she is engaged by a legally established host organisation.

Each quarter, Antibodies.com offers a travel grant up to £500 to help cover the cost of attending a conference. These travel grants are open to PhD candidates, lab managers, and post-docs from academic research institutions in the US or Europe. The grant is intended to help cover the costs of registration, accommodation, and travel to a conference of choice.

Royal Society
Supports mainly UK scientists from postdoctoral level to senior professorships and also offer grants for a variety of purposes ranging from conference travel to the modernisation of laboratories.

Alan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
Currently funds individuals as well as charitable organisations. Funding to individuals includes up to £300 for gap year costs and funding to cover final year PhD tuition fees.

Botanical Society of the British Isles
Runs a grants scheme offering awards of up to £1,000 (typically £500) to support research to enhance knowledge of the flora of the British Isles.

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Funding agency for academic research and training in the non-clinical life sciences.

Community of Science (COS)
Is a membership organisation serving researchers, academics, non-profit organisations, and students; their funding opportunities database points them toward research grants, program funding, scholarships, fellowships, prizes and more.

The Daphne Jackson Trust
Is an independent charity dedicated to returning talented scientists, engineers and technologists to careers after a break of two years or more.

European Science Foundation – Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences (LESC)
Aims to better understand biological, environmental and Earth systems across time and space; it facilitates new activities in interdisciplinary areas by initiating and funding networks and projects. Many LESC projects have involved policy makers and industry.

The Leverhulme Trust
Offers grants and fellowships in support of academic research. Formerly called Special Research Fellowships, Early Career Fellowships provide career development opportunities for those with a proven record of research who do not hold, or have not held a full-time established academic post in a UK university or comparable institution.

International Foundation for Science
Is open for project proposals from developing country scientists who meet the eligibility criteria and conduct research on the sustainable management of biological resources. Applications must be related to the sustainable utilisation of the biological and/or water resource base.

Linnean Society Centenary Grant
Disburses a limited number of small grants to a total of approximately £30,000 in any one year, as well as awards of medals and prizes for outstanding work in the biological sciences.

L’Oreal – UNESCO for Women in Science Programme
UK, Ireland and International Fellowships aimed at promoting women in scientific research.

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
For more details visit their website or email the Science Web Team. sciwebteam@nerc.ac.uk

Nuffield Foundation
The wide range of activities supported by the Foundation fall into two main categories: support of research and innovation that will bring about beneficial social change and development of research and professional capacity, especially in the sciences and the social sciences, targeted at people in the early stages of their careers.

Rothamsted International
Endeavours to share research excellence across the world for the benefit of world-wide agricultural and environmental sustainability in the context of development needs.

Rufford Small Grants Foundation
Aimed at small conservation programmes and pilot projects.

Tropical Biology Association
Their funding database contains grants and scholarships, training opportunities, and funding lists, to help aspiring African conservation biologists develop their careers.

The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation
Aims to help people of exceptional talent who have interesting projects in a variety of fields, and who for one reason or another are unlikely to obtain funding from the usual sources, for example because of their nationality. They offer funding for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral studies; applicants need to be living in the British Isles during the period of application.

Ecological Society of Americas SEEDS program
Offers Undergraduate Research Fellowships for students underrepresented in the field of ecology, travel awards for undergraduate students, program alumni in graduate school, and Campus Ecology Chapter faculty advisors to attend the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting.

The Big Lottery Fund
Has an ever changing group of funding programmes. Many of which have been aimed at local community projects and school grounds improvement.

Growing Schools
Designed to support teachers in using the “outdoor classroom” as a resource across the curriculum for pupils of all ages. They have a relevant funders section on their website.

Botanic Gardens Education Network
Promotes the positive role that active, plant-based learning can play in educational settings. (Members have access to learning resources).

Opal Grant Scheme
Open to all national and local natural history societies, recording schemes and similar groups that are active within England, including regional branches of national organisations. The group’s primary focus must be biological.

MCED award for ecological modelling
Young modelers can apply, who finished their bachelor, masters, or PhD degree within the last 3 years. The MCED award follows the textbook for ecological modelling, which provides a curriculum for ecological modeling for students, either for a university course or for self-learning.

The Royal Geographical Society
Awards over 70 grants in excess of £180,000 annually to experienced researchers working on cutting-edge projects and to teams of young geographers who are looking to get out into the field for the first time. This includes Student Grants, Research Grants and Teaching Grants.

British Land Reclamation Society
The BLRS is creating a legacy initiative for investing its funds in appropriate projects. These could come from a range of fields, from ground work engineering and geotechnics, to environmental regeneration and sustainable urban reclamation and are awarded between £2,500 – £25,000.

Old Chalk New Downs Student Bursary
The OCND Student Bursary can be used to fund desktop studies, research and field work based on the OCND project objectives. This may also include travel costs, purchase of special materials and acquisition of data. It is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students and students on a year out in industry. For information on how to apply please email OCND@kent.gov.uk.