People and Nature

Kevin Gaston; 
Kai Chan; 
Robert Fish; 
Stefan Partelow; 
Tobias Plieninger; 
Andrea Rawluk
Relational Thinking
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Plain Language Summaries
People and Nature
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People and Nature is a broad-scope quarterly, open access journal publishing work from across research areas exploring relationships between humans and nature.

We encourage conceptual and empirical approaches to answer interesting questions within this scope. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodologies are all welcome.

People and Nature fosters innovation and experimentation and particularly encourages submissions that stimulate debate.

Submissions to People and Nature should be accessible to a broad audience and reach beyond the boundaries of work published in discipline or subject specific journals. For more information on the kinds of submissions we want please see our opening editorialinterview with our Lead Editors and our author guidelines.

People and Nature – a journal of relational thinking

Message from the Editor

So, you have a great idea for a new paper. It looks at some aspect of the interactions between people and nature. It will have some ecological relevance, but may not be a pure ecology paper. It will also have a good bit of material drawn from one or more other disciplines – it could be economics, geography, history, law, medicine, politics, psychology, or sociology, to name just a few possibilities. But it is not a mainstream paper for one of those disciplines either. So, where will you submit your latest contribution? You will want a journal that not just considers outputs from this kind of cross/multi/interdisciplinary work, but really values them. You will want one that understands both the importance of your paper being promptly and fairly handled by people who are knowledgeable about the topic, and that takes seriously the challenges that can arise when reviewing work that crosses disciplinary specialisms. You will want one backed by a respected organisation, with a track record of publishing high quality journal

Welcome to People and Nature: a journal of relational thinking

The British Ecological Society has launched this new journal in recognition of the rapid growth in inter- multi- and transdisciplinary research concerning the relationships between humans and nature, and that much of this addresses issues of vital importance. This will fill the need for a dedicated place to publish such contributions

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Kevin Gaston – Editor-in-Chief People and Nature