Capturing Ecology Judges

We are proud to boast a selection of highly respected wildlife photographers and ecologists on the Capturing Ecology photography competition judging panel


Kalyani Lodhia

Image of Kalyani

Kalyani is a photographer and filmmaker based in London with a focus on travel and wildlife. She currently works as an assistant producer at the BBC’s Natural History Unit on an exciting new wildlife series for National Geographic. In her free time, she travels solo, sharing stories from cultures and wildlife around the world.







Gabriela Staebler

Gabriela  is a German Photographer whose love and passion for wildlife is mainly for the wilderness of Africa, about which she has published several coffee table-books. She has been working for 30 years as a professional Wildlife Photographer, achieving many award-winning National Geographic photographer works, and working for international magazines, books and calendars.






Laura Dyer

Laura grew up in South Africa and developed a passion for wildlife photography and the natural world while studying at university, spending all her holidays on safari honing her skills. She has an affinity for animal portraits, and a special love of leopards. When not in Africa she can be found living in the UK, or travelling the world in search of wildlife.




Matt Doggett

Matt is an underwater photographer and marine biologist. Most of his work is based in the UK with a focus on conservation, often offering new perspectives on both familiar and forgotten species. Matt’s images and film have been published online, in international books, newspapers and magazines and have featured on television. Matt’s photography has won several major competitions including the British Wildlife Photography Awards in 2012 and the British Underwater Photography Award in 2015.






Rathika Ramasamy

Rathika is passionate about birds and a specialist in bird photography. She documents birds and animals through her photographs using a blend of technical excellence and a captivating story. Her work has been appreciated and featured in several national and international publications as well as exhibitions, and she regularly conducts wildlife photography master classes in the field in order to cultivate new talent.





Richard Bardgett

Image of Richard

Richard is an ecologist and past President of the British Ecological Society, whose work takes him to many parts of the world. He rarely travels without his camera, which he uses to document his work, but also to capture the wonder of the places he visits and the challenges they face. Richard’s photographs have featured on covers of scientific journals and in his books, and he uses them in talks to communicate what he sees on his travels.



John Condron

Image of John

John is co-founder and owner of Ecology Resources Ltd in the UK. A move at age 11 from inner London to rural Somerset led to his passion for the natural environment, and in particular an interest in birds, that he still holds today. John has a rare ability to be able to talk to, and understand, goldfinches.







Naomi Condron

Image of Naomi

Naomi Condron is co-founder of an ecological consultancy in the UK with her husband John. A keen naturalist as a child, inspired by woodland walks and family holidays to Scotland, her career choice was an easy one. Working as an ecologist enabled Naomi to hone her field skills whilst indulging her passion for the natural world. A particular area of interest for Naomi these days is broadening the reach of her industry to increase opportunities for the next generation of budding ecologists.