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Workshop and presentation resources


Workshop resources (index)

(15 KB docx)

Index of workshop resources by estimated content and estimated time needed to run through them or complete the activity.

Download Workshop resources (index) docx

Getting Published workshop plan -120

This is a plan for a 120 minute workshop on Getting Published. It is included as an example of how the slides can be put together.

(14 KB docx)

A basic outline of a workshop on getting published – it doesn’t include all options, but is intended as a helpful template

Download Getting Published workshop plan -120 docx

Workshop plan - Sharing your research - 75 minute

This is a template for a workshop aimed at helping early career researchers and students lcommunicate their research to broader audiences

(25 KB docx)

Download Workshop plan - Sharing your research - 75 minute docx




(69 KB pptx)

Explanations of what authorship means and potential authorship issues

Download Authorship pptx

Cover letters

(2 MB pptx)

A brief explanation of cover letters and their purpose

Download Cover letters pptx

Open Access & Subscription1

(3 MB pptx)

Different journal models (open access and subscription)

Download Open Access & Subscription1 pptx

Picking a journal [presub]

(4 MB zip)

Introduction to how to pick the journal to submit to

Download Picking a journal [presub] zip

Very quick guide to paper structure

(7 MB pptx)

Explanation of paper structure

Download Very quick guide to paper structure pptx

Submission, peer-review and after

Post-submission and the peer review process [normal layout]

(2 MB pptx)

Explanation of peer review process and outcomes

Download Post-submission and the peer review process [normal layout] pptx

Peer Reviewing (introduction + activity)

This zip files includes a powerpoint presentation on peer review, different models of peer review, peer review ethics, how to start your review and a workshop activity giving the attendees the chance to assess real-life examples of peer review reports. Please read the README file first for suggestions on using these slides.

(5 MB zip)

Download Peer Reviewing (introduction + activity) zip