A day in the life

The lives of ecologists are very varied. Often they’ll hold multiple positions and do things you may not expect them to.

REED Ecological Network

As part of the Bio-Diverse Festival 2021, members of the REED Ecological Network created short videos of their daily lives as ecologists.

The videos stem from our first Lunchtime skills seminar led by our Vice-Chair Bushra Abu-Helil, where she gave REED Ecological Network members an exclusive overview of making video content.

Watch the videos below to get a glimpse into ‘A Day in The Life’ of some of our members. Get in touch if you would also like to create and share a video of your own.

Directing and producing science & natural history films – Jehan Jeffrie

Wildlife photography and filmmaking – Kalyani Lodhia

Forest Ecologist – Arildo Dias

Psychological researcher – Reuben Fakoya-Brooks

Zoologist – Bushra Abu-Helil