The Jackson Legacy

Supporting ecologists and ecological science in Africa has been an important part of our work for over 25 years. Our Ecologists in Africa programme supports research projects with grants of up to £8,000. The Jackson Legacy enabled us to take that work to another level.

Our work in Africa with local partners was given a huge boost by the completion of housing for scientists working at the Serengeti Wildlife Research Centre. Construction was financed by a generous bequest from Dr. George Jackson (1927 – 2004), a noted botanist and BES member who had spent most of his working life in Africa.

This was a significant event as it was the first time that dedicated housing had been provided for African scientists working in this area of special conservation significance which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The housing allows local scientists to maintain long term monitoring of the unique Serengeti eco-system. It also allows for local talent to be nurtured from an early stage and helps build local capacity. We oversaw delivery of the project in partnership with local agencies. The facility is now fully managed and funded by the Serengeti Wildlife Research Centre.

If you decide to leave us a gift in your Will and wish it to be designated to support African ecologists, please indicate this by specifying Ecology in Africa your instructions. Please note that substantial bequests can be dedicated to the building of new facilities dedicated to the furtherance of ecological science. However, we can only consider this option when:

  • in partnership with local agencies, we have established that a real need exists,
  • the person leaving the legacy or their executors have identified a partner in advance who would commit to cover all running costs of  the facility after the facility built.

All major decisions on capital projects are subject to the agreement of the Board of Trustees of the British Ecological  Society.

Thank you for considering remembering ecology in your Will.